Online personal training


If you can’t afford to come down to Montreal for some private sessions and evaluation, there is always the possibility of distance coaching. With the help of skype, anything is possible. You can get the help you need in order to change your life around. All you need is the will to change your health for the better and make it a habit for as long as you can think of. We can show you how to change debilitating habits before they sink in and cause more harm than they are supposed too. What will an online session look like?


The first session is always reserved for the general evaluation. We look at possible problems and determine goals. We get as much info as possible to individualize your program and nutritional plan. We believe that each individual should be trained and taken care of as an individual. Your needs and goals are your own and our goal is to get you there, based on our first session.

Training program

We have forged a solid clientele of elite athletes, executives and people from all walks of life. No matter how much time a week you can devote to go to the gym, as long as it fits your needs, anything is possible. Maybe you don’t have time to go to the gym, but can invest in some basic equipment to furnish a little room in your house, anything is possible. We will guide you through the process of investing wisely. All you need is to give us what you can do, and we’ll deliver a program that fits your needs.

Follow up 

Once a month or earlier if needed, you get a new program and a revision of your nutritional plan to make sure everything goes according to plan. These sessions will be devoted to adjustments, run down of the new program and also any other questions on your health, program and other concerns.

Our main goal has always been to get results that lasts.

Online consultations are available in french and english.

One time personalized consultation

You decide the subjects of the consultation. You have questions about your business, lifestyle management, nutrition or training? We might be able to help you achieve your goals faster. Write down and prepare all your questions in advance and use this 1 hour consultation to the maximum.

Bronze plan

Initial consultation + 1 follow up and program + nutritional consultation

Silver plan

Initial consultation + 3 month follow up(3 sessions 1 hour each, programs included) + nutritional consultation 

Gold package

Initial consultation + 6 month follow up (6 sessions, 1 hour each, programs included) + nutritional consultation


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