Eric Falstrault is a Montreal-based strength coach, Naturopath, Sport Therapist, founder of BODHI Fit and Author of The Strength code. He is certified level 5 PICP (Poliquin International Certification Program) a high level certification program that has proven its grounds on every aspects of the iron game. His specialization is hockey strength and conditioning. He has effectively undergone numerous internships with Charles Poliquin (founder of the PICP and world renowned Strength Coach) and Nelson Ayotte (strength and conditioning coach of the St-Louis Blues). Eric has worked with athletes of all levels, from youth sports to professionals in the NHL.

”I’ve been in the strength and conditioning field for over 15 years and I had the privilege to train people from all walks of life, from the business professional to the elite athlete. Strength training and performance nutrition has evolved well passed the usual medical and nutritional research.With the help of functional medicine and bio-signature protocols, I have great results in very short time. Bio-Signature Modulation is a revolutionary approach for losing unwanted bodyfat in specific locations. I’ve had the chance to learn from friend and renowned author/strength coach to the elite, Charles Poliquin. He has developed a system that dictates your specific hormonal profile. Imagine being able to finally rid yourself of stubborn lower body fat, or melt your love handles forever! Through Poliquin’s tested technique of hormone manipulation and diet strategies, individuals have been able to successfully shed fat in specific areas of their bodies. This theory says that each person has a unique biochemistry which means they respond differently to stress in environments as well as nutrients. This method, which measures body fat, shows what hormones need to be optimized and which supplements can be used to achieve optimal and rapid results. For example, most of my executive clientele, with their cortisol profile (stress hormone) skyrocketing, will retain bodyfat mostly around (and viscerally) the abdominal region, while female with hormonal issues will retain more fat around the hips and legs. With the help of a specific, individualized nutritional, and exercise program, results usually appear faster with an improved overall well being. I use these techniques and many others (Manual muscle testing, nutritional evaluation, First Line Therapy, Stuctural Balance) to help identify major concerns and fix them as fast as possible. While people see and feel the obvious results physically, they will also improve spiritually and mentally.

I did numerous internships with Charles Poliquin and Nelson Ayotte in high performance strength training and nutritional protocols for high level athletes. In an effort to stay up to date with all the new research concerning nutrition and supplementation, I attend as many seminars as possible on those subjects, such as the Metagenics continuing educational program. A high level functional medicine and supplementation certification program. I’ve also prepared amateur and professional athlete’s such as Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils.”

My mentor, Charles Poliquin


Martin Brodeur