Little pre-holiday vacation workout

Vacations are coming…last push before some of us go under the sun and the beach. Here’s an example of  some of my workouts these days.






A1 Wide pronated grip pull ups     AMRAP    no rest

A2 Close supinated grip pull ups  AMRAP     no rest

A3 Pronated grip seated row        x10               no rest

A4 Bent-over row dumbells          x10               no rest

A5 Cross bench pull over DB       x10                rest 120 seconds

Repeat for 4 sets

B1 Close grip tricep press barbell  x10            no rest

B2 DB lying extension                     x10            no rest

B3 supinated grip pressdowns      x10            no rest

B4 Low pulley frenchpress rope   x10             no rest

B5 Rope pushdown                         x10 (or AMRAP) rest 120 seconds

repeat for 4 sets

With the busy gyms holiday season, that’s the only time I have to train, but It does the job.

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