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We live in a society where people, and I mean almost everyone, will bring down anyone, friends or total strangers, at the first occasion they get. My clients and friends get great results as soon as they put their mind into it. For example, one of my client just changed her life around. She went from 20% to 10% bodyfat, and it took a while. She finally took the decision to eliminate some bad influence in her life and finally saw that she can have control over her body. Now that she is in the best shape of her life, her confidence and trainings are the best they ever was. But now guess what, she has to deal with the ”wow, you lost so much weight, are you sick?” or my favourite  ”Are you sure that this is ok for you?”. Those so called friends, instead of looking at her and ask her questions on how she feels, they bring her down right away. To the point of making her doubt herself. Thank god she knows better and actually, teach them a lesson every time she gets into some kind of questionable comments (read brainfarts). I think what gets to them is the fact that she did it with absolutely zero cardio, just strength training and an individualized diet.

My message to them would be this, instead of trying to bring people down to your fuckin level, try instead to see people as an example. If you have so many bad influence in your life that as soon as you see a good one, you have to bring them down to your level, try instead to get all these influences in your life out the door and focus on people who you want to look, be or feel like. My mom always told me, if you have nothing good to say to or about someone, just shut your fucking mouth. If you are truly a great friend, investigate and listen instead of giving your two cents when there is no need. When someone is really happy about the way they look and feel, you see that they shine and feel amazing about how they look, why the fuck would you try to convince them that they are not? If you can’t get your ass in shape, doesn’t mean the rest of the population should follow your lead.


After watching the Olympics and seeing Canada’s poor performance, it just confirms that we Canadians are governed by a bunch of lazy ass. All they do over here is cut down on physical activity in school, so why the fuck would they want to get involved in our kids olympic performances? Just look at the gyms in our school and universities. This is Mcgill, one of the high end universities in Montreal that created great minds. Plenty of cardio machines and a great selection of weight plated, stable and no risks machines with a few benches.

Montreal’s McGill University

This one is arizona state’s weight room, no need to say more

Arizona state….freakin amazing

And this is where Michael Phelps studied and trained, university of michigan

University of michigan

Compare only these two weight room to ours, we fuckin suck. We are lucky to have maybe 2 or 3 of these weight room in canada, and that’s a big maybe. USA has at least one in every state. I find this disgusting. I personally saw Arizona State and I had multiple orgasms as soon as I came in…the weight room. I absolutely admire our athletes, just being able to participate and win medals for our country is a great feat. With little or no support from our country, it’s a great achievement. Lastly, there is one other concern that needs to be addressed. Over here and in a lot of countries around the world, kids choose a sport and stick to it if they see that they could make it. However, in elite countries and the ones you see leading the medals board, they are chosen for a sport. Natural selection at its best. If the kid seems to have great abilities at being fast and have quick reflexes, they will lead him in a sport that requires these qualities. In other words, you wouldn’t put Usain Bolt in the 10 000 meters or his smoking USA friend Michael Phelps in the shut put. Learn to discover your kids abilities and lead them towards a sport that will exploit these given abilities. You’ll have a much greater chance that your kid will make it faster in the big leagues and you never know, it could be the next Bolt…


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