That little black dress

Why the notion of dress size is messing you up mentally

In my bridal bootcamp, which is also a prom bootcamp, I have made many girls angry, but in a good way. Since they always start my bootcamp after their first fitting, they have to adjust their dress size at least three times before the official date. The love hate situation is fun, but trying to make them realize that their shape is not the problem is somewhat challenging. Most women have the ideal shape and dress size in their mind, but most if not all of them are not ready to do what they have to in order to achieve their goal, this includes have patience and be realistic. I often get the goal to have them fit into that little black dress they bought 10 years ago, but unless they dip themselves into Crisco and wear a diving suit, it won’t happen.

No matter how much weight a woman loose, it’s never enough and rarely, they are satisfied. For a small percentage of those who are, they understand that no one is the same. You can’t expect to fit in every size 10 dress the same way, so imagine going down, it will still be the same problem. A size six in one store can be a size 4 in another. Most models on the runway shows have dresses made for them, according to their measurements. That same dress with a different size won’t look the same on another body type.

In fact, dress sizes weren’t standardized before the 1940’s. 15 000 females in very light underwears subjected themselves to 59 dress measurements for the sake of clothing commercialization. From this little experiment, half sizes, misses’, woman and juniors’ sizes were the new guidelines. In other words, woman’s clothing sizes are based upon a very small fraction of woman’s living in the United States more than 70 years ago.

So what is the lesson here? Ready to wear will VERY rarely fit perfectly without tailoring. Find a good tailor. Embrace your present shape and instead of trying to fit in a specific dress no matter what, work the other way around. Focus on your shape and find a dress that fits. Don’t try to lose weight to go down in size because you’ll never have peace of mind, believe me. In the end, it’s only a number.

Size one or size ten, who gives a flying f**k. If you are happy with your body, you’ll sleep better at night and will show confidence in everyday life. If you are not happy with your present shape, do something about it. Don’t focus on dropping dress sizes but on losing bodyfat. Most woman do the same mistake day in and day out, they try to do as much cardio as possible to shed the weight but fail to understand one thing, muscles burn fat. Resistance training will burn more fat than just doing some treadmill, doing both in the same session can even be better. Resistance training will help your metabolism burn fat throughout the day and no it won’t bulk you up. Just plain hardcore dieting/eating less will only slow down your metabolism and make you lose muscle mass, which will only make it worse once you stop dieting and exercising. Actually, this is what most people do once they have reached their goals, they stop everything and gain back the weight, and more. So if you want to be like most people, do exactly this and you’ll never be able to fit in that little black dress again.

Instead of trying to fit into a dress and lose weight no matter what, try instead to lose fat in all the right places and make the dress fit you. It will be much better for your mind, body and wallet.


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