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It’s that time of the year when, over here in Montreal,  the weather is shit, practically no sunshine, cold, wet and humid. Some days may be just be over the freezing point and comfortable and some days we don’t even feel like stepping outside because we will freeze our asses off. With the constant change in temperature, we don’t know how to dress and most often, we catch a cold because of it. Some may get the full fledge flu and others will just get by it, not without fighting fatigue or tiredness due to the reduced immune response.

All that to come to the conclusion that in that time of the year, the lack of sun and natural vitamin D3, the cold and lack of outdoor activity is the reason why people in general are feeling depressed. Problem is that everybody takes it personally and thinks that they are the only one.

Wake up call

Yes, everyone can have set backs, down time, or just plain laziness once in a while and it does not make you a bad person. However, when you come and train, don’t think that I will be all jolly and tell you that it’s ok. You can be lazy all you want, but when you have a goal in mind, the lazier you are, the further your goal is going to be. For every week you let go and indulge, it’s going to take 2 weeks to get back into it.


The right mindset is über important. Telling yourself that it’s harder than usual, that you feel lazy, that you don’t feel like it will bring you nowhere. The more you’ll say it, the more you’ll sink into it and believe it.

Creature of habits

Feeling like shit will make you do stupid things. We seek comfort food as soon as something goes wrong, to at least reward ourselves another way and make us forget. We do the same thing when we do something good to reward our sorry asses, like we are dogs needing a treat when we sit on command. Most people will go for carbs or booze as a reward and what they don’t realize is that they are setting their selves up for an insulin roller coaster. Insulin downers and uppers can only bring in more comfort food and you guessed it, depressed at some time and too much energy when you don’t need it can only make it worse.


Right freakin now you need to stop thinking that it is hard, that you don’t have energy, that you feel like shit. Just don’t think about it. How many times have you gone to workout, thinking that it is going to be a bad workout but turned out to be one of the best workout you did in a while? Shit happens, but it doesn’t happen for 3 or more days. You are only one meal away from getting back on track, stop feeling sorry for your lack of energy and act upon it.

Stop procrastination

Never, and I say never, wait until the next week to start. The time will never be right. Some mess up on Wednesday and wait until the next Monday to start the week right. BIG freakin mistake, more so if you come and tell me. Why wait? You are just making it worse. Also, never say that you can’t because of your friends bla bla bla . It’s your own dawn freakin’ fault. The food doesn’t fall in your mouth by accident. You chew, you swallow, it’s your fault. Sure, indulge for one night, but take responsibility and enjoy it at least. Get back on track as soon as possible.

Use your tools

 Start your day right and give your training and day a fighting chance. If you never did the meat and nuts breakfast, now is the time. Setting your neurotransmitters up for the day starts as soon as you get up, do not fuck it up. The meat and nuts gives you everything you need. Then pop some java stim or 3 espresso’s and go kick some asses in the gym. No excuses…




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